How it all began

July 1982

The Ausonia Cruise Holdings story started on a sunny day in July 1982, at the port of Genoa, Italy. A 15-year-old boy who recently caught the cruise ship “bug” was boarding his very first cruise vessel. Beyond the old Genovese terminal stood the beautiful Ausonia, a gleaming-white, distinctively Italian-breed cruise vessel with a rich pedigree. Built in 1957 in Italy, Ausonia started her career as a liner sailing for Adriatica di Navigazione between the ports of Venice, Alexandria, and Beirut. With the liner voyages gradually replaced by airplanes, the Ausonia was converted as a cruise vessel operating 8-days voyages in the Western Mediterranean, a clear precursor to today’s Costa, MSC, and many others.

This voyage on the M/V Ausonia was the beginning of a journey of passion and wonder for this 15-year-old boy.

Today, the same sense of wonder and passion ignites the birth of Ausonia Cruise Holdings, a venture imagined by this boy – now very much an experienced adult – with a strong passion for the cruise industry.


Ausonia Cruise Holdings consists of a group of highly experienced Cruise and Finance industry executives sharing the same passion, but also the same values. Our belief is that if you first build a great team, then magic can foster iconic results. Ausonia Cruise Holdings is our tool to create magic and catalyze great work with great people.

AUTHENTICITY, INNOVATION, CREATIVITY, AUDACITY, AGILITY are the core values of Ausonia Cruise Holdings. We will always deliver – and expect – these values in our endeavors to invest into the cruise industry.

Despite being highly experienced executives in the cruise & finance industries, we first and foremost commit to the same sense of Wonder experienced by this 15-year-old boy boarding the MV Ausonia in Genoa. What is wonder? To find out, look no further than at a child. Wonder is open-ended curiosity. Wonder is about asking questions that do not necessarily have an answer. Wonder begins with a willingness to explore, step into the unknown, take risks, and let go of control. Not an easy commitment, but one that precedes iconic success.