About Us

Ausonia Cruise Holdings brings together a team of experienced finance professionals and cruise-industry operating executives.

Our aim is to act upon investment opportunities within the cruise sector. Our disciplined and selective approach to investing is both uncommon and inspiring. We make efficient decisions that are in the best long-term interest of our principals and clients, free from any external influences. It allows us to be flexible with transaction structures, enabling us to craft the right deal to help all stakeholders achieve their goals. 

Our independent Private Equity/Venture Capital Advisory Services provide third-party investors with industry-specific knowledge, intelligence and expertise to optimise their cruise-industry investment strategy, either pre or post investment. 

Our strategy is focused on managed growth and the acquisition of select assets with the potential to create value in the long run. The vision to identify and grow opportunities to the next level has solidified our reputable position.

We focus on cruise-centric businesses that have attractive growth-oriented characteristics and strong underlying drivers. As we focus our efforts on identifying prospective investment opportunities, we seek to capitalize on the decades of combined experience of our board of directors.

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