Investment Projects

“Most people take the limits of their own
vision to be the limits of the world.
A few do not. Join them”

Ausonia Cruise Holding‘s main business activity is to invest into cruise ventures to foster growth of an existing brand or develop a new project all-together. Our access to Private Equity and Venture Capital funding combined with the expertise of our cruise-travel and financial teams allow us to lead investment decisions independently and in full compliance with our Principals’ investment ethos. 
The projects we invest into always retain their individual brands and separate business entities, Ausonia Cruise Holdings acts as investor and business manager as required. 

Ausonia Cruise Holdings focuses its investment decisions on traditional parameters such as key financials, product positioning, market share, brand potential. However, we also consider the following as our guiding principles when investing into an asset:

    • An exciting and engaging « story-telling» about the venture;
    • An ability to meet new market trends and challenges, preserve and add value to the business;
    • An ability to design and implement operational procedures focused on cost controlling, inventory management, corporate governance and qualitative compliance;
    • An ability to develop tailor-made programs to enhance service excellence;
    • Existing business development projects;
    • A focus on Human Resources engagement and development;
    • A thorough understanding and respect of sustainability imperatives.

Our core values: